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corporation in the middle

A few days ago I presented my talk, “Corporation In The Middle” at SecTor 2014. I will be presenting an updated and truncated version of the talk at BSides Toronto in November of this year.

If you are interested in seeing the talk you can do so here:
If so inclined, you can also get the slides here.
The original blurb was: My ISP deliberately MiTM’d my connection. This talk discusses how they did it, how I detected what they did and what this means. This talk covers what I learnt over three months of analysis focusing on the technology involved both on the ISP side and my own. I cover in detail how I went about identifying and mapping the ISPs hidden network components and how they modify IP connections. I will briefly cover what this means to customers of their service. During the talk I will provide technical evidence as well as walk through how I used open source tools to unmask this Corp In The Middle attack.